Thermal Acupressure Bed Product Thermal Acupressure Bed


  • Thermal Acupressure Bed

    (1) Thermal Acupressure Bed

    - Helpful in Diabetes, Constipation, Insomnia.
    - Helpful in Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Back Pain.
    - Helpful in Body pain, Depression, Obesity, Menstrual Problem.
    - Gives permanent relief in chronic ailments.

  • Acufeet

    (2) Acufeet

    - Stimulates acupressure points in the feet.
    - Improves blood circulation
    - Eliminates Muscle Aches and Pain.
    - Increases Energy & flexibility of the feet.
    - Reduces stress & relaxes mind and body.

  • Biowave

    (3) Biowave

    - Helpful in Ankle pain.
    - Helpful in Backpain/Sciatica
    - Helpful in Fatigue & Insomnia.
    - Improves blood circulation.
    - Prevents osteoporosis.

  • Acupalm

    (4) Acupalm

    - Helpful in Arthritic conditions of wrist-fingers like Osteoarthritis.
    - Improves flexibility and mobility of fingers and hands.
    - Helpful in Insomnia.
    - Helpful in problems like back pain, neck pain, shulder pain, etc.
    - Good for healthy lifestyle.

  • Morning Walker

    (5) Morning Walker

    - Firmer Hips, Thighs, and toned muscles.
    - Aligns the Spine.
    - Improves Metabolism.
    - Removes Lactic Acid Build Up.
    - Helps Drain the Lymphatic System.

  • Power Circulation Machine

    (6) Power Circulation Machine

    - Increases Collagen(Smoother Skin).
    - Builds Bone Density & Fights Osteoporosis.
    - Increases "Feel Good" Hormones (Endorphin, Serotonin, Neurotrophin).
    - Reduces Strain On Joints,Ligaments & Tendons.
    - Localised Fat Burning.

  • Joint Max Knee Pad

    (7) Joint Max Knee Pad

    - FIR heat increases blood circulation around the joints to help remove blockages and relieves pain.
    - Provides non-invasive and drug-free pain relief to all joint problems.
    - Highly effective in ailments pertaining to swollen joints, post-operative pain, stiffness, arthritis and edema etc.
    - The combined effect of FIR heat, acupuncture and vibration positively affects metabolism, promotes tissue regeneration and speeds up the dissipation of inflammation.

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  • I am a professional dance teacher. And from the past 6 months I was suffering from back pain. After going to M.S wellness center I am free from pain and feeling energetic.

    Shivam Patel , V V Nagar

  • Because of Hormonal imbalance i was feeling serious pain. Then after i got invitation from M.S Wellness Center. And it helped me lot from my stress and sadness.

    Hetal Bhatt , College-Anand

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